In an interview with Erin Rothstein, HOLR Magazine sat down with the artist to talk about her latest solo-exhibition: Un-Fancy, and what we can expect to see from her in the future.

“HOLR: When did you start creating art? Why?

Erin: I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. My mother’s side of the family is extremely artistic, and I was always encouraged to explore my artistic potential, even as a toddler. My mother bought me the best art supplies and taught me tips and tricks for capturing highlights and shadows, even in my coloring books. It wasn’t until my undergraduate experience at Concordia University that I discovered my love of painting, which I continued to explore during my Masters at Western University. I was always determined to create paintings that would inspire others, fuelled by my own personal obsession with the craft of hyperrealism. My aim is to observe, capture, and highlight the detail that we often miss in ordinary objects.

HOLR: Who is your biggest inspiration at the moment?

Erin: I tend to find inspiration wherever I am. I am inspired by anyone who goes after their passions. I am inspired by hard-working parents, my own included. I am inspired by my husband who started his own law-firm so that we could live the self-employed dream. I am inspired by my kids, who see everything with fresh eyes, and who work so hard to understand the world. I am inspired by Baroque painting, Surrealist painting, and Minimalist art and design. I also find a lot of inspiration on Instagram these days, which can be an aesthetic feast if you follow the right accounts.”

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Erin Rothstein at the opening of Un-Fancy at Taglialatella Galleries – Toronto

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